Tuesday, June 26, 2012

oodles of doodles

I drew some stuff a while ago and, true to form, I'm finally getting around to posting some of it. I hoped to get my scanner running so I wouldn't have to rely on shaky camera images, but my scanner is made of SUCK.

Soooo here you go.
(Click photos to enlarge)

The above two photos are based on a Sylvia Plath story called Ocean 1212 W. I'd love to make a short film out of that story and call it Escargot...for reasons.

I found some water colors! Sadly, I'm bad at using them.

This is "Eli". I wish her name was pronounced like "E-Lie", but it's short for Elizabeth, so it sounds like "Elly". In the short story I'm writing -and will more than likely abandon very soon- she is a nurse to a former Bauhaus architect in the 50s. He has no one and her father was lost at sea. He is bedridden for some time and his joints are becoming arthritic. They forge a bond. That's all I have so far : (

making a new banner

There are tons more drawings and I have a lot of personal drawings with little witticisms and odd thoughts to accompany the image (they are essentially 1 panel comics) that I may post soon.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Cannot think of a clever title...look colors!

Sadly, I cannot come up with any "punny" titles, maybe I need to look at some more Hannah Hart videos...

This thing started as a way to dump the VAST amount of pictures stored on my computer, but as I do not like making anything easy for myself, apparently, it quickly dissolved into a hair/lifestyle/summer/cool pictures inspiration type thing.

So, it's completely random.

I was just bored when I made this.

So bored.


(Click photos to enlarge)
Hazel Scott

Charlotte Linton AW12 collection

Demona Le Fright BLOG

Internet K-Hole BLOG

Vashtie Kola (The Girl Crush of my life)

Jeannie Bogan

William Eggleston

My best friend told me about the beautiful Cameroonian singer, Ntjam Rosie, ages ago, and I wanted an excuse to post her music. She sounds a bit like Sade with Afro-Caribbean touches. I think her hair and style are plenty cute too!

I'm off to watch Pushing Daisies from beginning to end.

-Peace & Hair Grease.