Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Jean Cyborg

see what I did there? huh huh? hopefully...

So I've been thinking about robots alot lately. Particularly female robots, the loss of emotion, the lack of agency and shiny armor. I care not if you judge me.

This is inspired in part by AI Artificial Intelligence, I'm A Cyborg but That's Okay, Cindy Mayweather, Death of a Tin Man, Data from Star Trek, iRobot(?), Robot Jones, My Life as a Teenage Robot and too many other things. I'm keen on the idea of a human trying to become a robot or a robot striving to be more human. I'm gonna stop talking, because this sounds like madness. Look, a playlist that will hopefully explain these thoughts...

I haven't done a mix in a while! If you like, leave comments. I really really enjoy them. Oh and I may upload this to Spotify because sometimes 8 tracks isn't always compatible with certain web browsers or the most user friendly.

I've wanted to use a FOTC song in a playlist since forever .

I always love the tracklist art on Rookie so I tried out a version here. I think it's fitting. no?

*EDIT : here's a link to the mix on Spotify :)