Saturday, May 18, 2013

Whoops...I arted

Hey, remember when I used to post pictures of things I actually made on here and stuff, because that is the fundamental purpose for blogging right? Sharing original content, that is. I feel as though had a tremendous weight lifted off my chest/body/life. I'm gonna devote this weekend to doing things I've left long neglected for people I really care about, because I feel like I can adequately express these things now. Okay onto the brief photo spamz!

Melodys Echo Chamber - Mount Hopeless

This adorable little creature is, Zzyzx. She came to life as a way to deter the guy who kept hitting on me on the train and asking to see what I was so focused on writing in my notebook... Plus I love the thought of a humanoid alien in 1950s attire, for reasons.

Johnny Panic inspired comic...which is perpetually in hiatus/development what have you.

I keep drawing this really rad afro demon chick. I seriously have no idea why and it's great.
Something big or something small. Time will tell.

quick (and terrible) doodle of Chance the Rapper

 This is a part of something I've wanted to submit to Rookie for a while. Better do it before I'm not a teen anymore!
Stalkin and drawin subway people.

Hmmm maybe?

Oh and did anybody else know Meshell Ndegeocello is a person who exists in real life? Because I didn't and she is all I could ever wish for in an artist. She is PJ Harvey, if PJ Harvey grew up in the Bronx and was fed a steady diet of The Last Poets and Curtis Mayfield, shaved her head, and bled dopeness. And I love her.