Friday, July 25, 2014

cup 'o' doodles

Here are a few sketches from my "new" sketchbook.

The video quality isn't the best on my little handheld camera, so I included pictures of  some of them. I'd really like to upgrade to a new scanner/ camera/ photoshop once my classes for this year are paid up. I'm getting a little tired of the charmingly homespun aesthetic of my blog. It feels really -I dunno- childish at times. Let me know what you think.
weak attempt at hiding a WIP for the webcomic
this song.
My sketchbook is 90% train or at home doodles, because those things make up 90% of my life... ( ಠ◡ಠ )
this song. the lyrics seem really sinister upon multiple listens...

Friday, July 18, 2014

according to no plan.

Hi guys. I've been noticeably absent from le blog for a bit. Well hopefully it was noticeable... maybe not.

At any rate I've been terribly busy with school and truthfully I've been going nonstop with work and schoolwork for over a year, and its killing me inside. I knew full well I needed a break this summer, but I signed on for two classes in an accelerated course just so I could be done with school sooner.
I'm feeling pretty sore about it because up until this point I've done so well in college. I know it's probably because the focus just wasn't there. Its probably because I'm well overdue for a break. I just have all these bullshit expectations that I put on myself that make it impossible to see how much I truly have to offer. Like, I have to make all A's to prove I'm bright. I have to have X amount of scholarships before I can buy myself a new pack of gum, without feeling guilty that the money didn't go to books. I have take all of these classes so that my time is college hasn't been "wasted".
But, I haven't actually enjoyed myself in so long. There's no rush, at least for me, to finish school, get the career, travel the world. I shouldn't feel stressed when it seems like other people have so many marvelous things happening to them, because I'm super great myself. And remember kids not everything will always go according to plan... and that's okay. Too bad it took a costly mistake to show me that.

With that said, hopefully in the coming weeks I can be more active on the blog. And hopefully you guys will stick around and enjoy the content.

'til then