Saturday, April 27, 2013

Copping a Feel

I fucking love my life right now.
All of the stupid bits all of the painful bits all of the hokey cliche and absurdly corny bits.
I LOVE it.

Teebs - Cook Clean and Pay The Rent (PRESS PLAY DUH!)

Teebs and some fake vintage effects on digital images <3
I saw Flying Lotus, Thundercat and Teebs on a whim about a week ago. Before that, I planned and funded my first trip to Boston. I came back on late Sunday night. Our plane was grounded because of something with the wings. The flight was almost cancelled, but they let everyone board a new, smaller plane. The next day this happened.

A person I treated worse than they truly deserved died. It left me with a really queer feeling that I can't quite adequately express. Not guilt. Not indifference, but something alien altogether.

Anywho, that concert was probably the best thing I've ever experienced in my life. I hope I will always love concerts. Standing Room Only Concerts. Leaving Early Pounding The Pavement To Be First In Line Concerts. Being So Close You Feel The Heat Of The Performer And The Treble Of The Speakers Concerts. I don't know. I just really like live music is all. And as I zoned out in the haze of weed smoke and deafening drumkicks and breakbeats, I felt like I was seeing for the first time in months! Like the idiot moshing two people behind me didn't matter. Like the thrifted stale smelling clothes I purchased an hour before the show didn't matter. Like the fact that I knew no one there didn't matter. Like the fact that my only meal for the day of cheap salad and dried fruit didn't matter. Like the fact that I left all of my belongings in a an unsecured locker at work didn't matter. Like nothing mattered, but everything just...was. Nah mean? Probably not, this is all just pompous rambly bullshit to some.


Flying Lotus

This post has no real point, just popping in to say, "Hi, wassup? Hope life is treating y'all well. Hope people are friendly, skies are blue, and the food is good."

See you around.

"shows are so much fun when you're not recording" - Steven Ellison (aka Flying Lotus)