Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sunday's Song: View Point - Teebs

This was supposed to go up yesterday folks! Sorry about that, my mind has been elsewhere... The flowers have begun to bloom and I haven't touched my tattered winter coat all week! No real song explanation here, I've just been listening to alot of instrumentals lately. There's something nice - to me at least - about having no words in a song. Hope you had a great week/ weekend.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

odds and ends

Lazy Ways by Marine Girls on Grooveshark
Marine Girls - Lazy Ways

Just another random post.

I got this dress in the mail in January, it was one of my last purchases of 2013. The collar situation on this thing is crazy and the length is a lot shorter than I'm used to, but I LOVE it! Not to mention it was very reasonably priced I had to have it.

I also won these shoes on Ebay, but they are massively massive, even for someone with wide feet like me! I hate to get rid of them because I've wanted a pair for so long and these were a STEAL, but I'll probably post them on Ebay soon for my buying price.

sox & the city
I've been out of school this entire week due to poor weather. Atlanta was pretty much the butt of everyone's jokes a while ago due to the gridlocked traffic we had on the roads in less than 2 inches of snow, but do keep us in your prayers. This weather is abnormal for us southerners and some people weren't able to make it home because of it. I wish I cold say I've been productive in light of this break, but I've mostly been marathoning X-Files and gorging myself on cereal.
crochet pins

"Angela Davis" on my American government binder
In the meantime and in between time I've been making stuff and drawing alot. I know I keep hinting at it, but I have a big pet project in the works and I'm hoping some of you will see it and enjoy it very much. I know I enjoyed making it. Hopefully I can reveal everything (or at least a sneeeak peak) soon!

Considering changing my blog layout, but then I think of all the work that goes into that and chicken out... I don't know, I just think right now my blog probably gives people motion sickness and although I'm very fond of it, it could be too much for potential readers...we'll see.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

From The Archives*

*Here are some posts I planned on doing a while back, but never quite got around to finishing...
Tomorrow - Strawberry Alarm Clock 

Random photos from forever ago...
Found this Donald Duck Record Player ( like for real!?) in one of my favorite shops.
When I start driving I'll miss seeing little parts of the city like this up close.

Booger Shake Zine by the very talented Brie.
Sum acquisitions.

This was supposed to be part of an ongoing (COLOR CODED) list of my favorites. If I had more than a half pence to my name I would own all of the things on this list. A girl can dream.
Confession: I cannot stand purses! So cute and functional bookbags are always a plus in my opinion. I dunno how well made this bag is, but the adorable design really caught my eye.

I'm not really a heels-wearing gal, but I love these granny boots...
...and this jacket.

These socks I've wanted for TWO YEARS since seeing them here. I just can't justify spending that much socks, but GAH sooo pwetty.
These all over print sweatshirts look so fun!

I still want a sweater from ALL KNITWEAR, but they are far too pricey at the moment. Their hats seem alot more attainable though, and cute to boot!

I had a pretty important post that was supposed to go up last week, but due to bad weather that didn't quite happen. You should hear more on this Friday (err not quite!) for sure!