Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sunday's Song: View Point - Teebs

This was supposed to go up yesterday folks! Sorry about that, my mind has been elsewhere... The flowers have begun to bloom and I haven't touched my tattered winter coat all week! No real song explanation here, I've just been listening to alot of instrumentals lately. There's something nice - to me at least - about having no words in a song. Hope you had a great week/ weekend.

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  1. Haven't said hello in ages, sorry for that! Hows the webcomic coming along? Wanna make sure I don't miss the second installment.
    And tbh, I'm half dutch and it took me ages to figure out that Miffy was designed by a Dutch guy so you're not the only one! I don't think I was very much into it either as a child, only now can I appreciatte the simple little bunny.


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