Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Graphic Images

Soon The New Day - Madlib

* I don't know what it is, but I find hiphop/ rap instrumentals are really soothing to draw to. If you like I could make a playlist with some of my favorites.

I tried to pool all of my energy into my comic today. It's almost done! Its been I while since I've conceived an idea and seen it through to the end. Oh my god, it's exhausting, but very rewarding. It would've been done sooner had I not taken so many breaks.

It's not amazing, but it's mine, yah know? It was a very therapeutic process and even though this is very personal I'm hoping others will enjoy it! Here is a sneeeeak peak at some of the stuff that'll be in the booklet/comic/zine/manifesto (too much?).

I'm too tired to beautify it, but you get the gist? There will be more pictures when I'm finished/done obsessing over irrelevant details :). I'm also working on including a little something extra special for those who purchase the book.

See yah soon!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Cool Beans? Cool Beans.

Nara Leao - Meditacao

This is a post I've started dozen times in my head. It has no rhyme or reason. Even now, I'm just staring at the cursor blink on the screen, hoping the words will just write themselves. Without my computer, I am unable to goof off on the internet like usual, so I've been writing alot. I know none of it's any good, but it's helping me get my thoughts in order. Get myself in order.

Before my computer broke down I was listening to alot of Bossa Nova. Nara Leao and Astrud Gilberto, the usual suspects. It's not music I would have expected myself to like at this age. It's funny, sometimes I imagine myself something like a 60'ish divorcee because of my habits/ mannerisms. Other times, I'll have regressed to preschool aged antics. I'm too obsessed with being 'cool', something it's obvious I'll never be or truly understand for that matter.
Trying to overcome my fear of: people. talking. trying.

Shirin Neshat may be my new favorite director/visual artist. Her films are so lush and metered and purposeful(?) I mean I have room enough for her and Steve McQueen in my heart, but it's been a while since I've been left speechless by a film. I love her speaking voice and how assured she is - as she should be - about her work. I love how her eye makeup looks like smeared coal swiped under her lids like a pharaoh. I love how her work talks about something greater than waif thin blond girls staring off into the distance with a nice soundtrack and cute wardrobes and annoying voice-overs masquerading as some shit about the "human condition" (I mean sometimes those are nice, but how many movies like that do we really need?). What I mean to say is, I really like her and her films and if you have the opportunity to watch one please capitalize on that!

Anyway I have started a comic/zine called "Hey Nineteen!", after the Steely Dan song and because I am currently nineteen (so so lame). I didn't want to say anything until it was actually finished and because I have a terrible habit of not following through with stuff. Without any justifiable reason for NOT finishing it, I guess I'll just have to get on with it to keep my sanity and all. It will be sorta personal, but I was thinking of making a few copies to sell on Etsy if other people are interested...

Sometimes I just think I should stop talking/worrying so much...

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

This has been a post.

*computer crashed, but I'm still posting this, for reasons. If it's working in the next few days I'll try and upload more images...yah.

Sly & The Family Stone - If It Were Left Up To Me

"Be, Productive! Be! BE! PRODUCTIVE!"

I chant some variation of this to my sleep addled face in the mirror each morning, if 12:00 is still considered morning...

Believe it or not I have started and abandoned almost as many posts as I have published on this blog. I hate that this has become another "I should post more" post. I do those alot. This month though, I have pulled myself up by the bootstraps. For the first time, I have a month to do whatever I feel like. Which actually freaks me out, alot. I'm so used to constantly working and having a rigid schedule and rituals that even figuring out what to eat for breakfast is distressing.

Nia, get a grip you are 19. Live.

And live I shall dear reader. Slowly dipping my toes back into what it means to be young and carefree. Here's some life outtakes :3
click photos to enlarge

Blurry photos and chilly water at Virginia Beach.

Subtlety on the National Mall.

Rock and Mineral Stalking @ The Smithsonian

In other news I'm seriously considering purchasing Photoshop I think I've reached my limit with what I can do on MS Paint and frankly it's too laborious a process for something that should be fairly simple. In my head, Photoshop is like this magical microwave where you pop in ordinary images and they come out amazing and perfect! I'm a very visual person, and I spend alot of time on these posts/drawing/editing/painting so it sux when things don't look exactly how you thought they would even after all that effort. I'm probably the only one who cares remotely about this crap. I think doing this would be an investment especially if I end up working in a creative field (with loads of student loan debt).

So yeah, if my new shoestring budget permits I'd like a new printer/scanner, new camera, some kind of editing system blah blah blah. I need a new JOB.

Monday, July 1, 2013

If Only Out Of Vanity

So I think I'm doing this a day late which is great. I always do things at the last minute gah! I'm not even a consistent blogger/ person. Which leads me to this...Google Reader is ending so you will not be able to see my posts unless you follow with Bloglovin' or subscribe to my RSS feed or something. IDK technologyyyyy?
The best option is to click on this link and follow the directions on screen.
Bam! You now have all of your favorite blogs in one place.

Hopefully, this includes yours truly...

How do I still have people following me on this blasted site?