Friday, March 28, 2014

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Saturday's Song: The Mo Dettes - White Mice

Sum nice barely coherent all-girl post punk music accompanied by seriously oversaturated visuals for your weekend listening. Check out the guitarist for some of the best style/ eyebrows you've ever seen. I was looking up alot of The Slits, Marine Girls and The Raincoats at one point last year and stumbled onto this video. I was pleased to find some of those people made up this group. Anyway, hope you enjoy!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Squirrel Girl

Ey you!

 Current shoe n sock situation.
A surprising amount of flexibility went into making this picture.
The backdrop is a new/old children's quilt. I've been at a loss for what to use it for, but I'm thinking I'll turn it into the world's most obnoxious duffel bag (gym bag).

School is... school. I'm halfway through things and I'm feeling the burn. Everyday of my "break" was spent settling dues, Selling off all my possessions on eBay, shipping goods, doing my hair (a 2 day event), Drawing for the webcomic, sending scholarship applications, but mostly on HOMEWORK.

In other words, this hasn't been much of a break, but I did get to read two very cool graphic novels (I feel so weird calling them that, they are just comics right???) that I've been meaning to check out in my time off, and redo this blog a little.

Goofy alternate background which looks like a tie between Rocko's Modern Life and Rugrats...

Been meaning to blog about Micachu & The Shapes for some time now. I was introduced to them by a friend who works at a record store where they were giving a free show! The band uses alot of found objects in their recordings and performances like vacuum cleaners, random blocks of wood and lawncare tools. 

I really adore the Tim & Eric-y so terrible it's cool look of their videos and of course their music. Which is something I still can't quite pin down. Idk I like to listen to them when I'm feeling a bit weird and I've been feeling really weird lately...