Thursday, February 13, 2014

odds and ends

Lazy Ways by Marine Girls on Grooveshark
Marine Girls - Lazy Ways

Just another random post.

I got this dress in the mail in January, it was one of my last purchases of 2013. The collar situation on this thing is crazy and the length is a lot shorter than I'm used to, but I LOVE it! Not to mention it was very reasonably priced I had to have it.

I also won these shoes on Ebay, but they are massively massive, even for someone with wide feet like me! I hate to get rid of them because I've wanted a pair for so long and these were a STEAL, but I'll probably post them on Ebay soon for my buying price.

sox & the city
I've been out of school this entire week due to poor weather. Atlanta was pretty much the butt of everyone's jokes a while ago due to the gridlocked traffic we had on the roads in less than 2 inches of snow, but do keep us in your prayers. This weather is abnormal for us southerners and some people weren't able to make it home because of it. I wish I cold say I've been productive in light of this break, but I've mostly been marathoning X-Files and gorging myself on cereal.
crochet pins

"Angela Davis" on my American government binder
In the meantime and in between time I've been making stuff and drawing alot. I know I keep hinting at it, but I have a big pet project in the works and I'm hoping some of you will see it and enjoy it very much. I know I enjoyed making it. Hopefully I can reveal everything (or at least a sneeeak peak) soon!

Considering changing my blog layout, but then I think of all the work that goes into that and chicken out... I don't know, I just think right now my blog probably gives people motion sickness and although I'm very fond of it, it could be too much for potential readers...we'll see.

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