Friday, November 4, 2011


So in addition to creeping on beautiful men and downloading copious amounts of music (illegally cause I'm a B.A.) I also doodle. It started as a distraction from the slow burning death that is school. I think I'm okay I'm no Rembrandt or child prodigy who will unite the world through art...I haven't been doodling/ sketching for a while because I was more concerned about my life falling to shambles, but enough of that. This is a happy place so here are a couple of my current favorites... I'm sure I'll look back on these and hate them like I normally do with everything I've drawn at some point, but for now they're okay.

Note: I am AWARE these pictures aren't the best. I am technology illiterate. Like Fah-real. Using a scanner was DEFINITELY NOT an option I tried to get fancy with camera tricks, but really all these pictures look like it took them whilst having an epileptic bout. Silly Nia.

I'm trying to start a comic with a quirky/spunky/nihilist female lead. It'll be somewhat autobiographical ( cause I'm not creative enough to just make up a cool story...) Along the lines of American Splendor style wise (I hope). The girl's name I can't decide on. I'm thinking "Neil" short for Cornelia or "Jello" a pet name for Angelica. I don't know I'll probably abandon it. It could be something cool though. I like her look. She looks like a 12 year old boy with eyelashes. that? The hair is based on my brothers'. It's the result of an unfortunate scalping at the hands of an overzealous stylist. This never happened to me, but it did to my brother. I thought it was funny so I put it in... Nosferatu shirt just cause its the greatest vampire movie EVER. The boom box is kinda stupid I just needed to put SOMETHING in her hand... We'll see where it goes. More then likely up on my shelf for the next three months.

This is a sketch based on a photo I took. My hair looked really cool, or so I thought, so I took a picture of it and drew it just 'cause.

Little girl drawings.

I really like lips and eyes. I'm always drawing full lips on stuff. like everywhere.

Sketches of me with a coal pencil.

Things I draw when I get Hungry.

That's it for now. I'll get a new sketchbook soon. Maybe keep the comic going. Who knows?

-Peace and Hair Grease.

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