Monday, May 21, 2012

Haute Dawg

"You think you're hot shit, but you're really just cold diarrhea" 

Welcome to the Dollhouse, directed by Todd Solondz, is the account of hopelessly awkward middle-schooler, Dawn Wiener (played by Heather Matarazzo). This girl just can't catch a break; she's in love with an "experienced" high schooler, tormented by her peers and teachers, ignored by her parents, despises her younger and more attractive sister and can't quite measure up no matter how hard she tries. Well she does date a ssssmokin' juvenile delinquent, who would have set my 12 year old heart a flutter (err...that's not creepy?). 

Yes that is a shrine built for Steve, Dawn's high school crush.

Moreover, the story feels all too familiar to what alot of kids went through in their adolescence...well hopefully not as relentless as it is here. There are lots of cringe-worthy moments and lots of laugh out loud moments in this movie, just like there are for anyone who survived the gauntlet of middle and high school.

 Despite it's, at times, really... questionable subject matter, It's also absolutely hilarious. The humor is really dark and it certainly doesn't pander to the viewer with perfect endings or cookie cutter nice characters. One of my favorite things about this movie is things don't do a complete turnaround for Dawn, she doesn't suddenly become Ms. Popular or get the guy of her dreams. Things just... run their course like they do in real life.

Seriously THIS is one of my favorite movies, and I'm sure anyone close to me is tired of hearing of it. Also, Dawn has THE MOST A-DORABLE clothes. If you wanna recreate the looks without all the lunchroom hazing and unrequited love look no further.

Dawn Weiner's look is like a Lisa Frank/80's wonderland. Lots of surprising cutouts, weird fits, animals and colors Colors COLORS.

Glasses Karen Walker; Top ModCloth; Shorts Nasty Gal; Shoes Dr. Martens

Play this video for full effect.

Sweaters 1 2 (try Goodwill!); Glasses Etsy; Sandals 1 2; Jeans similar 

Blue Dress ModCloth; Socks Hue; Shoes Dr. Martens; Floral Dress ModCloth; Bunny Bag ASOS

-Peace and Hair Grease.



    1. You NEED to see this movie! I'm not sure if it's available on instant, but it is fantastic :-)


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