Friday, February 15, 2013

Giving Up

Hmm, doesn't really say 'happy birthday' but I suppose this'll do.
Hey my blog is 2 years old!
Side note: For the love of all that is holy do not go through my archives.

As a way to say thanks for even viewing what I sporadically write and post on here I want to do one of those GIVEAWAY things for a single lucky winner. It's vaguely food themed. I'll try not to write much more, as I do a good job of 'splaining everything in the video, whilst making myself look like a complete asshat.

I wore MEAT for you.

I went over most of the details in the video, but the main points are as follows:
- First follow my blog on Blogger (google connect?), Bloglovin, or Tumblr
Leave a message below with your email.
- Tell me the weirdest thing you've ever consumed, with your mouth.

Claes Oldenburg


  1. my email is: . The weirdest thing I've eaten is either octopus or caviar. Also, I wasn't able to watch the video because it is on private

  2. cool give away! my email is and the weirdest thing i've ever eaten is probably sushi :) i couldn't think of anything else.

  3. ~things i do for internet fame~ hahahaa:D
    I tried shark once and it tasted like chicken!


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