Thursday, November 14, 2013

Can I Kick It?

Le Tigre - Eau De Bedroom Dancing

Ebay is a drug.

I've essentially isolated myself from everything in an attempt to do well in school. I've also put myself on the strictest of budgets. So cutting out all of the unnecessary things like eating out, stalking thrift stores on half off Wednesdays (for clothes I don't need), and going out every weekend has been beneficial. But I am a MATERIAL GIRL DAMMIT! So I tell myself for every two A's on exams I can buy one item on my wishlist.
Hunter Green Oxfords - Marais (ON SALE)
Stockings - Gift

Digi Floral Janoskis (Nike) - Ebay 
Socks - They're from like the 6th grade...I was really into Bratz

Boots - Palladium
Socks - Shop with Romi (Pack of 3!)
Pants - H&M 
I don't know if people dig these "This is what I purchased" posts, but it must beat all the music posts I've had featured... I'm surely putting my photography class skills to good use with these god-awful webcam pictures (lol) and don't worry "real" content is on the way!

Lemme know what you think in the comments section.


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