Friday, November 14, 2014

Film Favorites Friday: Chungking Express

This film has been on my watch list for so long after hearing others rave on and on about it.

Chungking Express is a pretty straightforward film dealing with people falling out of and in love. The english title takes it's name from the Midnight Express a snack stand that plays a central role in the events that take place throughout the movie.
The first story deals with a cop who tries to get over his breakup in peculiar ways ( running until he sweats out all of his tears and can no longer cry, eating day old pineapples, calling up practically every woman he's ever known). That is, until he meets a mysterious woman, in a bar, with a very shady background.

The second act features another cop who is also trying to get through a breakup with his girlfriend, a stewardess. Faye, (a kind of proto-Amelie do gooder) is an employee at the Midnight Express who secretly pines after him. When she hears of his breakup she decides to help spruce up his home unbeknownst to him leave him little gifts to lift his spirits.
Although the story is deceptively simple I must say I really enjoyed this film! Its so well made; the colors used, the angles, the locations idk it was all really nice? A bit slow altogether but a really sweet modern romance story.

Unfortunately the movie isn't on any streaming services like Netflix or Hulu or Amazon Instant :( so you'll probably have to rent it or buy it to see (My school had a few copies to rent for free...), however Fallen Angels, which was initially the third story in Chungking Express, is on Netflix. I think I even prefer it to Chungking Express! If you can get your hands on a copy of either definitely check it out! It's the perfect movie for curling up with and watching with someone special or on a lazy winter day when it's cold out and you want a warm and fuzzy feeling.

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