Wednesday, October 8, 2014

pretty pink, baby blue

I've forgotten how to do these little collage doohickeys so this is my best effort at compiling a couple items I wouldn't mind having in my direct vicinity. Hopefully, it breaks up all the lazy music posts on here. 

Watching fashion shows makes me a tad uncomfortable (idk I'm weird like that), but I really liked these two outfits from Red or Dead, especially the coats. You can stream it here.

Dom Sebastian Mint Sweatshirt + World Cap // Casio Rose Gold Watch // Heavenly P.U.N.K. Girl Ep // New Balance WR996 (fw14)
Supreme Work Trench Coat // Current Elliott Patch Jeans // Herschel Little America Backpack // Hisashi Eguchi Daily Pose // Tomboy DVD

Also, I'm now on VeryGoods bookmarking and crying over all of the nice stuff I can't have at the moment.

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