Sunday, August 12, 2012


A recent conversation with Mes Copains
Them: So what do you want for you birthday?
Me: Oh I'm cheap and easy. We could go to McDonald's and eat in the park for all I care.
Them: Maybe you shouldn't use cheap and easy in the same sentence.
Me: ...
Them: ...
So, yeah. My birthday's today. The big one nine. It probably doesn't appear that big on here. I'm only using size 16 font....


There yah go.

I'm kinda excited and stuff. I don't get much time to myself anymore, because I'm so caught up with working, learning and paying for learning. It'll be great to hear from and see my friends and family. Most of the time my relatives come to my parties and bring terrible gifts like nail clippers, too little Peter Pan pajamas (when I was 17), or nothing at all. As a result, I've come to not expect or really ask for much on my birthday. When I was younger I was able to save up enough from allowance and cards to buy a few of the things I wanted. Which leads me to my next thing-a-ma-jigg


  • Michael Fassbender, Richard Ayoade, Jamie Hewlett or pretty much anyone on a Manly Mondays post.
  • Shame OR Hunger on DVD
  • One Polaroid Film Cartridge
  • Johnny Panic and the Bible of Dreams OR Ariel (Sylvia Plath)
  • A meal at Dr. Bombay's Tea room
  • Some face cream from Lush
  • These Shoes.
  • Or These
  • Or if you REALLY like me, all of These
  • The new Frank Ocean or Lianne La Havas' albums
  • At least one of the torn items of clothing(most likely thrifted) I own mended.
  • A Barnes and Noble gift card
  • A working turntable/record player.
  • My best friends.
  • A hug from my mom
  • My dad's french toast
  • My brother's to not be weird and annoying  Maybe just this one day.
  • A fully functional winter coat, that makes me look like a spy.
  • Sweets from here, here, or here
  • Long deep sleep.
  • My hair to be long/healthy enough for stuff like like this: 

I'm getting close right?
  • a book of Neil Gaiman stories.
  • Pushing Daisies back on air (I'll settle for a DVD copy).
  • I virtual slice of e-cake to share with all of the wonderful internet people I've met and who are super sweet and lovely. You guys are the cat's pajamas :-D
  • To make someone else really happy.
  • To laugh until I cry.
  • To Carpe Diem it up until I'm twenty and can't use, "But, I'm a teenager!" as a valid excuse for being generally ridiculous and irresponsible.
Thanks for reading this stuff. If you've gotten this far, what's one of the best things you've ever received/given for a birthday???

-Peace & Hair Grease.

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