Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Plaid Girls' Club

Oh god, that title sounds like a Macy's Uniform ad :-(

So uhhhhherrrm yeah. It may be a bit early for most folks, but in Georgia, kids are already in school/headed back to school! Including yours truly (begrudgingly of course).

One thing I've always wanted was the perfect little school girl uniform, complete with plaid skirt, crisp blouse, knee highs, and Mary Janes/ saddle shoes. Of course, now that I am technically a *cough* adult *cough* it seems a bit strange...

I have yet to find the perfect little plaid ensemble, but here's a few images that have inspired me to take this look on:
Click photos to enlarge.

Empire Records

The Craft trailer

Marc Jacobs AW12

Rosario Dawson 25th Hour

School Daze

Back to school and plaid...I know how wholly original :-p In other news:

I've taken to queuing posts more often! Well, not entirely by choice, but because I have no time for anything until the weekend :-( I'm writing a guest post for Vintage Fee that should be up some time with in the next two weeks. I'll add a link when that happens. Also, this is my first time using Polyvore for a collage. I'm not 100% sold. It is more efficient and organic looking than MS Paint (which is what I've used in the past). 


  1. I kind of have a uniform like this. I wish I had red plaid skirts instead of nevy blue BLLLARGH:( I really like this schoolgirly type stuff, knee high socks rule!

    also. I loev your background, the hands are awesome!!

  2. I never had a uniform like this and want one so much :(


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