Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Leaves and Twigs

There was a free day at the botanical gardens.

There were insects everywhere! I saw so many cicadas on my way there. I'm learning not to be weirded out by them. They are so massive! If you look at them for a loooong time, I guess they are kinda cute. Maybe it's just me though, lol!

I made a slideshow with some of my favorite pictures, but it's too fast(!!!) and it cuts out a couple of the pictures. I'll still link it here but if you'd like to view the photos in detail you can look at my flickr.

Song: Bibio - Mr. & Mrs. Compost

On a semi nature related note have you seen the video for FKA Twigs' Water Me? It's sorta unsettling, yet calming and it reminds me a lot of these paintings. I've been a fan of her music for a minute I hope this means she'll be putting out a full length album soon :3

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  1. Cute photos. I'm not a fan of insects, but cute photos ^^ Hope you're having a good week.


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