Friday, October 4, 2013

the haps

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September, boy did you do a number on me!

I've been going through ALOT this month: A great personal loss. Surprise dogs. School. And far too many other things I don't wanna get into on here.
This is my happy place.

Meet Buster!
My lil' guy. My pumpkin pie. My dad just brought a random animal home this month, and after my last pet passed I felt really apprehensive about having another. I've really taken to him though. He's a real sweetie and his vengeance for squirrels is unparalleled.
I campaigned really hard for the name Beans cause he's part Beagle (idk) and if I ever get a Dachshund I could name it "Beans and Weenie" Har har har, I need to get a life.
I've started a new comic with my buddy. It spawned from my apprehension about college tests and science and love of post apocalyptic scenarios, oh and records. For every good score something good happens to the main character for every less than savory score something bad happens. I'd love to share it on the blog at some point.
I got some goodies in the mail!

What have you guys been up to? I have a few posts queued so expect to hear from me soon.

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