Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Grr another inspiration post. I'm too tired (and poor, but that's a given) to go out and experience the city. My weekends are booked making a souper special something for a souper special someone and being a dork with my new dog. All this to say, "I wanna show you something new, but hopefully this will suffice til then."

Cocteau Twins - Beatrix

I'm really loving dusty pastels and grey this fall. Lavender and heather grey, Salmon and ash grey, mint and pewter. Here's a roundup of things found on the innernetz.
Miu Miu FW11
Joyce Bryant
Nishe (x)
Nejla Ates
Faceless Exhibition
Palladium Boots
Valentino 13/14
Mere Mehboob
Alexander Wang SS14, mostly for shoes <3
Comme des Garcons
Thom Browne
Burmese Tourmaline
Adonis Bosso, because...*le sigh*
 I think this an old Gap ad?
Prada FW11
Alison Scarpulla
Kazuyo Takiguchi

Can't really form a strong enough opinion on her music, but Solange's style is BEAST to me. I'm sure people are tired of seeing this video it's everywhere! Sorry not sorry, I love it so!

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