Saturday, January 18, 2014

Saturday's Song: Magic Colors - Pan Y Regaliz

This week felt like a roundhouse kick to the face.

I'm so glad that I queued a bunch of posts, because I don't know if I'll have the energy or mind capacity to post anything on here otherwise. I think once I'm finally settled in with school things'll get better...

So, today's song is Magic Colors by Pan y Regaliz. Pan y Reguliz were a Prog Rock/ Psychedelic band from Barcelona, Spain. There sound reminds me a bit of Jethro Tull (mainly because of the drum and flute melodies), but the yearning vocals makes it a little more palatable than Ian Anderson's growl. I don't think this is an official clip for the song, but I found it interesting nonetheless. It really lifted my spirits.

I wish I had more to write, but I couldn't find much info on the band. I'm sure people avoid these little blurbs on the music anyway...and I'm tired.

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