Friday, January 17, 2014

Zoo Kid

TRIGGER WARNING: Drug Abuse, Child Prostitution, STDs 
*also SPOILERS/ graphic images*
I guess I just love movies about tragic youths or something.

Christiane F. - We Children From Bahnhof Zoo (I'll shorten it to "Bahnhof Zoo" for sanity's sake), was the last movie I watched in the year of 2013. Boy, was it a good one.

The German language film stars Natja Brunckhorst as the 13 year old Christiane, based on the true life story of Christiane Felscherinow. Her obsessions include: David Bowie, drug use and a particular teen heartthrob named Detlev.
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Christiane frequents a new club, called "Sound", where she first meets Detlev and tries drugs. In an attempt to win Detlev's affection Christiane begins to escalate her drug use. 

Many youths, like Christiane, frequent the train station "Bahnhoff Zoo" turning tricks and committing petty crimes to support their habits. Including Christiane's boyfriend, Detlev.
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It's pretty harrowing stuff and unlike many films on the subject of drug use it doesn't rely on stylized imagery to show just how sordid the conditions surrounding addiction can be. From a film enthusiast's perspective I really like the look of sound of this movie. Minimal use of music, even though the fantastic score was by David Bowie. Stunning scenes of the city during the magic hour. Incredible use of color and lighting. The performances were GREAT, even more so for actors so young.

It really saddened me that, although the portrayed Christiane eventually finds sobriety, the real life Christiane suffered severe liver damage, contracted Hepatitis C and continuously struggled with remaining clean.
The real Christiane F.

Fans of Requiem For A Dream, Kids, and Trainspotting will probably enjoy this movie. I wanted to do a style inspiration post for this movie, but figured it would be in poor taste, given the subject matter. I will say this, the Bowie Letterman Christiane wears throughout the movie is  s o  p e r f e c 

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I know firsthand that addiction can be really difficult to address. So I hope this doesn't come across as me making light of a very serious issue. If you or anyone you know is engaging in potentially life threatening behavior, please seek help.

FULL MOVIE HERE w/ eng subs )

That said, I hope you enjoy this first Film Favorite Friday post (say that 3 times fast). I would like to do more!

All poorly done screencaps by yours truly, unless otherwise noted.

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