Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Smells Like Teen Spirit

That's about as lame as my post titles have gotten and I've had some pretty bad ones.
Just started watching Daria...WHICH IS SO BRILLIANT OMG! If I could go back in time and give the box set to myself the summer before ninth (or tenth) grade I think I would have been a better person or more none plussed about life in general.

It's a nice show not the best thing I've seen by any means, but I like shows about brainy girls defeating the odds in a...non cheesy way? Why? Because that's what I want to do essentially. To hold onto my nerdy habits like devouring graphic novels, or watching old corny slightly rascist movies, or crying about the series finale of Sherlock. I digress this post is about the misanthropic wunderkid that is Daria.

Sure Daria's classmates are like the atomically enhanced versions of people I know in real life and they're kinda one sided, but it makes the show funny. Adolescence is essentially about finding out what things you like to do and getting good enough at whatever you need to, to ensure you can do those things for as long as possible. Unless its murder or sex or something else dangerous and weird.

I seriously thought there was something wrong with being smart or antisocial(mostly the latter). I mean it's not anything I can really help at this point. So I thought it was cool to know MTV, the station which currently broadcasts shows about obliterating your liver and ovaries before you're even old enough to run for public office, actually embraced a show about intellegence at some point.

So here's nice 'lil' show about a cynical-silver-tongued-savvy teen, her best friend and the mostly clueless yet charmingly unassuming people who surround her.

Or whatever.
-Peace & Hair Grease.

Oooh what's this? A link to the first ep??? Hmm...
- S01E02 - The Invitation - SparkyHERO PutLocker

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