Friday, June 14, 2013

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I cannot be the only one annoyed by those follow this blog for... taglines right?

First, thank you for the kind comments on my last post. It's great to know there are some very cool not sucky people out there!
And now... I'm gonna do a photo dump/inspiration post because I need to purge and my computer hardrive will thank me for clearing some space.

I've also noticed an abundance of pastel hued waifish springtime kitschy photos saved to my computer so I'm lumping them all here.

favorite gif EVER; Carmen Comes Home


Happy2bsad/ internet k hole (i think)

Happy2bsad/ Chanel SS12

Unknown/ Internet K Hole

Pictures by the serial killer Rodney Alcala

Sew Overdressed

David LaChapelle


Betty Adewole

Kelly Love

Vintage Virgin

Love, Music and Revolution

Wrap Nails by the Tiny Squid

Minna is always talking about this brand on her blog. Their prints are gorgeous.

Richard Nichol

Shunnoz and Tekasala

Modcloth Lima Let You Finish dress (aka the perfect everything dress)
Candy Gore, Ashkan Honarvar

I have way more pictures than this saved so I may do another photo inspiration post soon. I don't like doing these big photo posts when they don't have a unifying theme. Hopefully this makes sense and doesn't just look like a random collection of cutesy pastel pictures.

Err yeah. Leave a comment below telling me what you think. What are you most excited for this summer?


  1. *_* so perfect!

  2. that song is so good! and after getting the bottom row of braces put on my teeth recently, that pic of braces is much appreciated!


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