Saturday, June 8, 2013


The Raincoats ~ Adventures Close To Home (press play)

Today I volunteered at the Indie Craft Experience (aka I.C.E.). I don't think I've ever written about them on this blog before!? Which is crazy because I've gone almost every year since tenth grade. In short, the Indie Craft Experience is a chance for small businesses and vendors to sell homemade goods in an indoor flea-market/ swap meet setting. There's always plenty of cool crafts, delicious food and good music. I wish I had more stuff for people who aren't local, but if you are in or around Atlanta check out one of their events. When you do, bring lotsa cash monay, because you WILL want everything in sight.

All images via ICE's facebook page.

I spent most of my time working the door, but I did manage to get some stuff. Sucky webcam photos for no reason other than I'm too lazy to get my camera.
 One Screw Loose Jelly (AKA BEST Jelly on earth)
 Washi Tape
Homemade Jasmine/Shea Soap

Oh, I had the worst time getting home. My shoelace got caught and I fell off my bike in front of dozens of cars O_O. Luckily my pride was bruised more than anything else. Then a stink beetle flew into my face and when I tried to remove it, it squirted me! My eyes were watering the whole ride home. I made it back safe, and enjoyed my new bourbon jelly on some biscuits while watching The Fall, cause I'm a classy dame.

ATL readers I beckon you to go. First 250 visitors get a free "swag bag" with some really cool goodies. Even if you don't get one you'll have loads of fun. Scout's honor.  

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