Saturday, June 1, 2013

I don't do too much talking

The week in review.



Mountain retreat with some coworkers.

I forgot to bring a camera along, but here are some photos I found elsewhere. It doesn't even do the place justice. I've had some camping HORROR stories, but this place was absolutely gorgeous.


 Had lunch at Dr Bombay's Underwater Tea Party. It is disgustingly cute and they sell books for $1 and are vegetarian/vegan friendly and sell DELICIOUS tea and have the cutest dining space, despite their humble size. If you are in the Atlanta area check it out.

Popped next door to the record store and brought a Ma Rainey cassette.

One of my favorite Ma Rainey recordings. Unfortunately the sound quality isn't the greatest, but I love the adlibs. Isn't she the coolest?

I want all you women : to listen to me
Don't trust your man : no further than your eyes can see

I trusted my man : with my best friend
But that was a bad bargain : in the end

He'll say that he loves you : and swear that it's true
The very next minute : he'll turn his back on you

Just feed your daddy : with a long‑handled spoon

Keep showing you love him : morning night and noon

Sometimes your heart will ache : and almost bust
That's why : there's no daddy good enough to trust

He'll stay with you in the winter : whilst your money is long
Come out in the summer : you'll find your pig will be gone

Goofed off in Book Nook and didn't make it home 'til late.


Volunteered at Artlantis, an annual art and music showcase in Atlanta.

There were so many cool vendors there! I helped with set up and assisted the artists. I was too shy to share anything I made (╯︵╰,) , but everyone was really approachable and sososo talented. There were a couple bands, but the one I liked most, was a two piece band, called Bad Kidz.  They sound a bit like Animal Collective meets Santigold and the singer was so adorable (it was also their first live show together). They don't have a bandcamp yet, but I'd really love to hear more of their music.

After I left the festival, I got some lunch and headed to the Bodega, a monthly market at one of my favorite antique shops.

There, I brought the most amazing and nonsensical thing in the history of human existence:

No, I don't think you understand.

The rest of the bounty/some free stuff from the event: zines, prints, stickers, (woodprint) shirt.
Err that's all for now. Hope I didn't do too much talking! How was your week?


  1. Wow great pictures! That Dr Bombay place sounds amazing. Too bad I live in the UK. Great post


    1. Are you kidding me? I'd love to visit the UK! Thanks for reading :)


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