Monday, December 16, 2013

Brace Yourself

I made a dum Christmas playlist a year ago for a buddy with the hopes of turning it into a mix CD. I never quite got around to updating it, but here it is.

Hi guys! Here's another DIY.

My *ahem* thriftiness knows no bounds.

My mom gave me about 6 feet of leftover copper wiring almost two years ago. I kept it with me in the hopes that one day inspiration would strike... and waddyaknow; It finally did! I'll try my best with the explanations. If I was unclear on anything let me know!

Stuff you'll need:

Yeah, I know my wire cutters are way crusty, but they work!

  • About 180 cm of wire total
  • A wiiiiire cutter! (I'll grow up one day)
  • Needle-nose Pliers (jewelry pliers are best) 
  • Round writing utensils with various widths
  • Paper (optional)

For this I used about 60 cm of wire. Leave 5 cm from the ends of the wire straight.

Wrap the wire around the writing utensil in a circular motion.  
When one circle is done, wrap the wire around in the opposite direction. Leave about 5cm at each end to create your closures.

The bracelet should look like this when you are done wrapping.
Cut the excess with wire cutters. Using your pliers, bend the ends of the wire so it is not sharp.

Wrap the bracelet around your wrist and adjust it until it sits comfortably. (Pro tip: Use a thicker or thinner utensil to change the size of the circles!)
That's it! 
Construction Time: No more than 15min.

I hope you still have your writing utensils from the first project cause you're gonna need them!

My cursive is a bit dodgy so I wrote out the word I wanted on the bracelet first. (I would do a word with fewer than 9 letters BTW)
I used about 60cm of wire initially. Leave about 10 cm straight before you start bending the wire.

Try to bend the wire as you would if you were writing the word on paper. It's tricky!
Cut any excess wire and bend the ends so they are not sharp.
Construction Time: About 30 min.

Remember when I told you to save your leftover wire?
For this bracelet you will need 5-8 6cm. pieces of wire and 7-10 3cm. pieces of wire (you always want more of the shorter pieces)

The longer pieces will make your heart links. The smaller pieces will make circle links. Do not fully close your links as they will have to be joined together later.
how to make the heart link

They should be linked in this order: circle - heart - circle - heart - circle ... until you reach your desired length. Always start and end with a circle link. You have a few options for closing the bracelet. If you have a premade closure (eg. lobster claw) you can use that. OR If you don't mind the bracelet stretching a little, just close it with a circle link and call it a day!

I have to make about 1000 more of these lol! Do you guys have any DIY ideas for the holidays?

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