Wednesday, December 4, 2013

she's so snood-y

Ta-Ku - Beggining to End

I tried to get my holiday shopping done early this year and was sorely disappointed. Perhaps I was feeling the pangs of being jobless, but everything was so...expensive. Even worse, alot of the items seemed ridiculously overpriced for something I could make myself.

So, that's just what I did!

I stopped by a neighborhood shop for a look around and ended up in the discount bin, where I found this kimono/throw.
The owner even marked it down an additional 50%! Yippeeee! 

The material was really thin and it looked so awkward on me, so I decided to make it into a circle scarf (aka "snood"). My instructions are really lame and vague, but I used this tutorial for the most part.

To do this I used: Scissors, my sewing machine, and 40"x60" (about 100cm x 150cm) fabric
I guess this could also be sewn by hand with needle and thread.

1) cut off the buttons.

2)This left me with two very long strips of fabric 20" wide by 60" long. I sewed the insides of the fabric together, the most vibrant side of the fabric should be facing in while sewing.

3) Sew the longest sides of the fabric. It should resemble a tube now.
At this point  I'd only sewn one side.
4) Turn the fabric inside out. The vibrant side should be on the outside.

It can double as a hood! Also, are we loving my miraculous hair change?
 5) VOILA! You look rad! ;-)

Yeah, there were a few more steps to completing the scarf on the website, but I thought it looked fine as is.

If you try this let me know how it turns out! ∩(︶▽︶)∩


  1. Love the pattern on the snood, and yes, another Taku lover!

    1. THANKS! I have had the entire songs to break up to mixtape playing on repeat. Also, thank you for the comments on my other posts. You're really cool, kay bye!

  2. Wow this is such a cool tutorial! Nice blog as well by the way <3


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